Sunday, August 29, 2004

there is no title 2

I've recieved two very interesting e-mails, an invitation from Marie-Helen Parent, head of a scientific/religious cult of the Raelians to inform me of a protest against Bush.
I've interviewed this lady over three years ago, when they were in the Media for their connections with the "Clonning" Industry. Interesting to see how they've evolved..Now they offer their "book" for free in Muslim countries.

I wonder what Haroun Yahya would say about that?

the 2nd e-mail was very creative spam...

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Borat's dead mom's rug

Borats visit to Kuwait has caused such a stir. Some people got upset with me for not inviting them over, some were upset cos I hosted a pervert, racialistic anti-semit, sexist TV personality and others simply refuse to believe that he was even in the country...

I'm not sure if he'd want to come back to Kuwait after all of this...specially that he did not get so lucky here...

We'll see, I mite meet him in Dubai for the weekend..

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Borat's weekend in Kuwait

My good ol mate Borat paid me a surprise visit this weekend. Here is a glimps of the action:

Wednesday 8pm phone rings:

Borat: Jagshemash, is this di mama, Its Borat, I make it di surprise visit.
Mama Fusla: wussup home boy, wuchu doin in Kuwait?
Borat: I come to buy camel for camel business
Mama Fusla:...
Borat: No only joking, I come to do story about Kazakhistani workers in Iraq. You like Iraqi man? I have friend "Abbas" maybe he like to do you.
Mama Fusla: Do me a favor, shut up and come over. we're all hanging out at chalet.
Borat: I come with my friends, Good bye.
Mama Fusla: Ciao.
---End call---

2 hrs later Borat walks in wearing blue/grey suit, grey shirt and
grey tie.
Mama Fusla: I see you made it, plz make yourselves comfortable.
Borat gives me (high 5)
Borat: Jagshemash, How are you Mama? I want to make sheet, where is toilet?
Mama Fusla: Its inside

20 mins later, a very relieved Borat walks back in wearing green colored swimming briefs.

Borat: I take good sheet.
Mama Fusla: That's great news. Nice briefs.
Borat: Thank you, I am ready to swim. Wut do you call it? shal?
Mama Fusla: Chalet.
Borat: I buy gift for your chalet.
I look into the gift bag
Mama Fusla: Nice Carpet.
Borat: yes, Its from my mother, she make it.
Mama Fusla: Please thank her for this wondeful gift.
Borat: can not, she is dead.
Mama Fusla: I'm really sorry.
Borat: No its ok, my wife is dead also.
Mama Fusla: oh my.
Borat: Don't worry, I get another wife.

Attempting to change the subject I persume:
Mama Fusla: Do you plan to do anything in Kuwait? Sight Seeing maybe?

Borat: Yes I want, How if I want to make it the sex with Arab lady, beautiful lady with maybe big what you say? tits? How can I do that?
Mama Fusla: I'm sure you do, but 1st you have to be a gentleman.
Borat: Yes, maybe your Kuwaiti friend teach me.

So I make the mistake of introducing Borat to a few friends:

Borat: Jagshemash, I have it the blue ball, I must make it the sex with Arab Woman, how I must be like Gentleman? Plz show me.
Kuwaiti: You have to 1st become "Shay Shay" so the girls would like you.
Borat: Wut is that thing? it will hurt?

Kuwaiti Guy briefs Borat on how to become from El Shay Shay. an hr Later, Borat comes out with a big smile on his face.

Mama Fusla: Haa Borat, wut did you learn?
Borat: Excuse me lady, but you look familiar, St. Tropez? Summer 2002?
Mama Fusla: hahaha, no Courchevel 2003.

Borat: I will be back, 1st I must move my Harley.
Kuwaiti: you can park it behind my Jaguar *wink wink*

Borat now goes into the pool, eyes one of my female friends with premediated mischef on his face and moves in like an Aligator.

Borat: Hey lady, I look for Arab Wife, will you marry me?
Kuwaitia: aha.
Borat: you no like it? maybe you are lesbian.
Kuwaitia: aha.
Borat: Same like Khazakhistani lady.

Borat jumps out of pool and approaches me, annoyed and disappointed he exclaimed.
Borat: I try to be Shay Shay but Kuwaiti lady is Lesbian, what I can do?
Mama Fusla: Perhaps I introduced you to the wrong people, you do not need to learn how to be a Kuwaiti Shay Shay, you needed to learn how to be a Kuwaiti Lesbian.

A few hrs later, a very drunken Borat climbs into a "wanait" and heads back to the City and the next day to Iraq.

-------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Memoirs of a Local Tourist...

Now that I’ve been praying all week to the Gods and Goddesses of Weather, Inspiration and Partying. I couldn’t wait until the weekend to see if my prayers have been answered or not, so I decided to start it early.
Woke up yesterday Tuesday 10.30 am, a bit woozy, a bit too lazy to go to work.
“f it” I thought, I’m going to FAILAKA A.K.A. Ikaros.

I board the boat by 1pm

“Dihna” I think to myself, what a delightfully smooth day for cruising. 10 mins later, I begin to smell something quite funky! One of the Engines begins smoking.
Turn around I shall not….Failaka I must pursue.

We can see the island but we can’t seem to get there, an hr has passed, the engine is still smoking and I’ve personally finished all the Costa sandwiches I had bought earlier. It was hot, like you have your face against a hairdryer on high-speed; unbearable as it may be, I still got a killer tan.

The people at Failaka informed me of 2 Marinas on the Island. The main one where the Ferry goes and a 2nd smaller one near the Bait Banya Resort. “Great” I thought, we have options in docking as well. Little did I know that the docks at main Marina where rusty, old and not boat friendly at all! It was made for the ferry to bark and disembark cars, cargo and people. We climbed onto what’s left of the rusted ramp and met with the Motel crew, a driver and a greeter.

We climb into a mini van from late 80s with no A/C. We get off at the main street Share3 Il Wanasa” which actually translates into FUN ST. The heat was no fun I tell you this. Finally we arrive into compound of Cute little Kuwaiti homes laid in Grid. The little steps before you enter main door, patio in the middle “7oosh”. Houses with names like “Bait bo destoor”, Sa3eeed of Sa3ad and “Bo 6ershi are a common site and of significance as well. Bo 6ershi has been leased for a year by a Kuwaiti family that specializes in making 6ershi.

The insides of these mini-Kuwaiti homes replicate the old houses with mini shaded courtyard, diwanya with “3areesh humble furniture, L-shaped sofa, small stereo and TV can be found in Diwanya, bedroom and master room. A pantry consisting of a mini fridge, kettle and sink. All rooms are equipped with A/C and electricity outlets, that’s about it. 3 bedrooms run for about a 70 K.D. the 2bedrooms go for 60KD. There are rooms available, the one that sleeps three goes for about 25K.D.

The killer attraction isn’t the beach, cos the Motel isn’t directly on the beach which is 5 mins walk. They have a pool to die for, beautiful pool with a hutstyle bar overlooking. This place calls for a true night of Fusla! I can see it, the DJ booth, the bar, the dancing..
Overwhelmed by the potential of the place I decide to leave.

Back on the crappy overheated van where I felt like a tourist, I remembered all my travel experiences in which I had to settle for the lowest end means of transportation. It’s a strange feeling to feel like a tourist in your own home but also refreshing.

My thoughts distracted by the crackle of the van and squeaky break pads as we pulled into once again, the old Marina. We board my Smokey boat and head back to the city.

20 mins go by of easing it out on the engine at 5knots/hr. All of a sudden the Gods were no longer happy with us, the waves rose at 3-4ft if not higher. “esheel o yeshdakh” as they say, throwing us off balance, my friend became seasick. “Shit” I thought, we must have offended the Gods. 1st the smoky engine and now the storm out of nowhere. I pick up TIME magazine presume reading, pretending like nothing is happening, No my friend isn’t being sea sick, no the engine isn’t smoking and surely the sea condition is slick as silk and by all means; “Dihna”.

An hr later, say around 5pm we are back into a more different Marina, that of our current century. We quickly get off as if the boat was on fire. I had to my friends house and quickly take a shower to cool off and back at another Marina to dock on another boat: “Dinner under the stars” kind of thing as my friend promised, the night of Dalag eshail(of course the supposed star is not visible to Kuwait) but isn’t it the thought that counts?

Yesterday, I’ve endured over 14 hrs of sea, maybe I’ve pissed the sea and weather gods off at 1st, but by the end of the day…I was blessed by a boat that wasn’t rocking like a cradle, smoking like a bong or overheating like a Solarium. I was finally chilling with a cool crowd…Salutes my friends

I will leave you with a Haiku about yesterday and one for the weekend:

Heat and wave attack
from Ikaros to my host
Tonite, we are stars

Today is the day
That The weekend comes to life
May God help us all

Monday, August 23, 2004

........Midweek Prayer

May Oceanus, the God of water bless us with a excellent sea condition making the Gulf Waters (Dihna) ie. Smooth for Skiing & Clear for Diving..
May one of the Muses decend from heaven to bring inspiration to a museless nation so that we may have a weekend filled with Art & Culture..
May the party underworld God Dionysus (o shillita) bless us with their presence this upcoming weekend so that we may be merry..
May Terpsichore, Muse of dancing come down and teach the rythemless bastards of the night the art of shaking booty...
May Aphrodite bless us with her beauty and spread the love everlasting..
Note: Inspired by Mosan Mosan

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I am an involentary Office Potato

This Saturday will be different, I have a plan to do something. I will explain why my Saturdays are so boring…

Saturday to me spell a number of things:

Being tired after a crazy weekend
Being bored
Calling everyone to make sure they have survived last weekend
Questioning what I’m doing in this office, country, continent and planet.
Calling a dear friend to bitch and complain about one thing or another but most of the time it’s about my job.
Planning my next weekend
Promise to quit coffee and do more Yoga.

Everyone in Kuwait complains about their jobs, about having a crude boss or routine job or long hours. My situation is a bit different; I do not have a boss. No one tells me what to do and or when to do it. My boss chooses to simply ignore me, leaving me a victim of my own mind to sit and try to innovate ways to kill 10hrs/day.

This is what I do from 8-6 everyday:
News, news and more news, Google everything and everything Google.
Chat on msn, chatterbox and bulletin boards.
Spend 1 hr reading coffee and drinking newspapers.
Send out 1 e-mail a day regarding work, total time from conception of e-mail topic to clicking send varies from 1-5mins (Summing up my productivity rate for the day)
Chat with friends on the phone, discuss following topics:
Why my job is boring
Why her job is boring
Why our lives are boring
Get bored of conversation and then hang up.
Play text twist
Surf conspiracy theory websites like and come up with my own conspiracy of the day on why Internet was down, or why there is a dust storm.
Stare at the books in my office about starting own business for dummies and business plan made easy books.
Delete junk mail, open letters of invitations from startup companies, recruiters and consultants from Dubai and Lebanon that want to steel even more business from Kuwait, throw away junk mail and feel guilty about not recycling.
Google combinations of random words like: +green, +nipple, +communist, link results to conspiracy theory and then dismiss feeling not-so-lucky!
Search and other failed regional headhunter websites and check if a new feature like “cool & unconventional jobs near you” option has been added or not.
Blog the living lights out of me.
Thank the stars for internet.

I really can win an Oscar for the role of “The woman who convinced the world she was working”.
Another 3 months of this and I will be out of here, my 1 yr will be done. I would have paid my debt to society. I will be able to impress the next employer with that 1 yr experience. 1 year would have passed for working in a bureaucratic dung-den with insecure power-hungry greedy manipulative Novo Riche Kuwaiti dimwits.
I look forward to NOTblogging from my next job or blogging strictly for work related purposes. Blogging to me represents being bored at work. Hating your job is underrated, it is a horrible experience to wake up feeling enslaved by a system, feel unproductive and replaceable. Also earning money for doing nothing is nasty business and insanely addictive.

2day however will be different
I've already outlined a story line for my Documentary Film
Began outlining my fesability study for the business that I've been thinking about for over 2 years now.

I have learned 1 thing from being alive which is to always be cynical and negative, skim through all the posibilities of shit going down and then look at all the ways of making things less shitty, living each day at and always end up with a positive thought.

My positive thought for the day is: Not all Saturdays will be this shitty, I have experienced a good Saturday before and I will sure as hell experience one to come..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Asians bring home GOLD for Double Trap

40 yr old sharp double trap shooter Ahmed al-Maktoum Scored a wonderful 189. Multitalented sportsman, national winner in squash. Ahmed is a true example of a profound shooter with patience and graceful shooting techniques. I've seen him shoot a disk with the Riffle turned upside down and rested on his left shoulder above his head. He has inspired many youngsters in the Gulf to take shooting professionally.

34 yr old Indian army major Rajyavardhan Rathore won Silver for a score of 179.
Bronze winner Zheng Wang of China had fell one point behind Rathore scoring 178.
Congratulations to all three countries, its great to see all three winners from Asia.

Good luck to Abdullah Al Turgi in the skeet competition.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Warning Archeologists crossing

The Bahraini Excavation team to dig up Sabiya for Dilmun remains.

Good luck to them finding anything underneath the rubble of abandoned 5 star camps. (by that I mean camps with developed modern toilets built out of cement) today, Sabiya is home to left over toilets, both Arabic & English. I will try and find a photo I took 2 yrs ago which depicts the beauty of ceramic WC's in our beloved northern desert!

Ode to Sabiya, the gate to what used to be the DMZ, Bobyan Bridge, home of Jaber's Sanctuary, and camels who spend their days playing chicken (crossing highways for cheap thrills)and rubber burning holigans who get off at scaring camels!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Al Mudhaf ranks 6 in Trap

Khaled's Day 1 & 2 of Trap qualifications showed possibility of Bronze medal for 26 yr old who has won 1st place in 2002 World Shooting Championship held in Finland and 2nd place winner in World Cup 2002 in Germany.

Day 1 was looking good with 25,25 and 23. Day 2 looked promising with two rounds of 24 and 25. That totals in 123 score of in Qualifications. Same scores of Bronze winner Austrailian Adam Vella and 4th place shooter Ahmed Al Maktoum. Al Mudhaf still held a chance until the final round scoring a low 20 which put him in 6th place at a final score of 120.

Others worth mentioning like Bronze (Sydney 2000) , Silver (Seoul, world cup 2001), Bronze (Doha, World Cup Final 2001) Double Trap shooter Fheid Al Dehani who will begin competing tomorrow morning along with Mishfi Al Mutairi.

Congratulations to Russian, Alexei Alipov for the almost flawless 149.

Now the big question! Where the hell is the Kuwaiti Women’s team? I thought they have been training to compete in Athens? Or was the club too busy focusing on the male shooters? I hope someone has an answer to my question..

A list of Athletes in the Kuwaiti Deligation of Athens2004

Kuwaiti Shooters

Full Schedule of shooting

Sunday, August 15, 2004

My Maki is better than urs..

Once a month, I receive a phone call from a friend who puts me on the fone with a waiter/ess of the local Sushi den and asks me to dictate the ingredients of my Fuslafied Maki.
Unfortunetly, the world of Maki Making in Kuwait is extremely bureaucratic and is overwhelmed by disabling rules and regulations. To have your Maki popularized over the sushi chef's wall you will need a minimum of 5 requests. To have your Maki printed on the menu is a whole new story; the secret Maki association of Kuwaiti Sushi bar junkies meets once a month to discuss the eligible Makis, in their Maki Torturing Dungeons, blind folded Maki Junkies test and taste the Makis in question, the handpicked few Maki recipes finally make their way on the Menu.

So to make a long story short, make my Maki famous and order it at all the sushi places so that it can become famous and I Mama Fusla will then eventually be making my way into the sushi infested stomachs of the young Kuwaiti generation and thus I will control the world!

Dedicated to the guy who only calls me for Sushi!

Toro Mama Fusla Maki
Tuna, Asparagus, Crème Cheese and Avocado (outside) sprinkles of Tobiko

Sake Mama Fusla Maki
Salmon, Asparagus, Crème Cheese and Avocado (outside) sprinkles of Tobiko

*Both Makis to be served with Japanese Spicy Mayo & Unagi or Teryaki Sauce.
*You will love the devine juxtatexture of the asparagus with the creme cheese vs. Tobiko. for 1st timers, eat at own discretion...recorded cases show 1st timers more vulnrable to public displays of excietment. If you have a bamboo-up-your-ass image that you wish to maintain, then stay at home and keep your hands off my Maki.

Cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours

  • 05:00 15 August 04 news service

    Cannabis extracts may shrink brain tumours and other cancers by blocking the growth of the blood vessels which feed them, suggests a new study.
    An active component of the street drug has previously been shown to improve brain tumours in rats. But now Manuel Guzmán at Complutense University, Spain, and colleagues have demonstrated how the cannabis extracts block a key chemical needed for tumours to sprout blood vessels – a process called angiogenesis.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Retrospection to ease post vacation blues: Part I


Finally arrived into Cesme, a peninsula on the Aegean Sea, west of Izmir. I drove a crumbling stick shift fiat from Kusadasi, past Izmir and across the bridge to Cesme. An 80 KM drive into the sunset. The $10 discount we got on the rent-a-wreck was not only for the duct-taped side mirror but for missing a complete stereo! We had a portable radio which doesn't work when car is mobile, my friend had to hold the antenna out of the window so we could listen to a static-disturbed Nina Sky song.

The beautiful mountains of Izmir, the windmills, farms, the sun dissolving beyond Chios and finally...Cesme the city of fountains!

Small winding roads between fishermen's houses, pensions and carpet shops, a few hamams, the harbour and the many tourists boats. Cesme has strong westerly winds, attracting surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders from all over the region. The local policeman complains that the summers disturb the peace of this quite town, students from all over Turkey come to catch some waves. I've come to Turkey for 1 reason...Moloko

The night of the concert was hectic, we had to catch the last Auto-Gar (minibus) to Kum Beach, 6 KM from city sq. Little did we know that Mustafa Sandal will be singing in the sq. for a VW promotion and over 7000 were going to cram the streets. So we ran in our dresses across the concert, I pushed and shoved my way into and out of the crowd at the bottom of Cesme Castle! (It isn't like me to do something like this, but I flew all the way from Beirut for this concert, nothing in the world is going to stop me from gettin my 1st dose of Rosin & Co.)

The Autogar driver couldn't believe that me and my friend came all the way for Moloko, many people found it hard to believe, including myself!

Kum beach (Sand beach) was packed with Turks that looked like they've just arrived from planet Moloko! I've been to many concerts before, Tokyo, London & NY but nothing is like this one, people were extremly fashionable, everything vintage/80s/moloko was their motto.

A temp lounge was built on the beach as a VIP are. +6ft supermodels gave out florecent little key chains with "80s" on them, foldable 3rd glasses which came inneat paper packets that went around the neck.

DJ U.F.U.K, the #1 DJ in Turkey played some good sets for opening (pronounced Ufuq as in Horizon, not You Fuck) Following 2 hrs of U.F.U.K, the crowd gathered closer to stage, the nifty crowds with their Tinis left the VIP area to welcome Moloko for the 2nd time to their country.

Rosin came crawlling on stage wearing a vintage dress with fox fur around her neck, you can hear her and see her shadows as she repeats "Feeling, feeling....feeling" she'd pause and do it again until she jumped on stage and began singing "Familiar Feeling", people were so feeling her and jumping and jamming to the base. Crowned with a WWI-like helmet. (Yes the same helmet she's beeing touring the world with) They followed by"Time is now" & "Sing it Back" blow by blow they drove the crowd in a frenzy and induced more halucinations then already existed by doing their redo of the acidtronica, asking everyone "Where is the what?", "Day for night", at closing, I couldn't contain my excitement when they played "Cannot Contain this". Every man in the crowd thought Rosin was singing to him "I want you". Finally, they killed me slowly with "Forever More".

Interrupted by trays of gourmet o'derves,(sun dried tomato quiche and mini chocolate mouse with white sauce) cortesy of Winston ciggerettes commemerating their 100th year into the lung cancer industry. Security guards left us uneasy as they crammed themselves into the "mosh pit" busting drunken turks and dope dealers. Rosin at one point, wrapped a Shall (Hijab) around her head, uncovering her eyes only..singing "Forever More" to a bouqet or roses which she cradled like a baby. Driving the muslim crowd into more cheers, of course I was screaming on the top of my head "Old school, more old school" which did not go further than the barracades infront of the stage and of course blew the ear drums of the blonde infront of me.

All in all, Rosin Murphey and the Moloko Crew..Rocked my world that night!

p.s. This blog is dedicated to the Haiku Priestess and my travel buddy -A

Monday, August 09, 2004

War on Tourism

Woke up this morning to VOA news to hear about the hotel blasts in Turkey. Funny, 20 days ago I was in the same area the explosions took place "Sultanhamet" which lies in the Asian side of Istanbul. Home of the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya and the famous Pensions where backpackers linger.
I was having dinner with a friend just round the corner from our Pension in Mimar Mehmet Aga the night of 21st/July and we heard an some gunshots, most of the turks and Europeans acted indifferent. We later learned about the drunken"kurdish"Turk who shot a man for flirting with his woman! According to my Turkish friends, this never happened in a very long time. Apparently that area was very dangerous and housed many gangs, prostitutes and drug dealers but the gov has cleaned it up in the last two years.

It’s sad to see Turkey hit twice in less than 6 months. In this summer I witnessed two incidents of "War on Tourism", Israel's air strike of militant camp southern Beirut July 20th. 2004.
My heart goes to Athens.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Must Saki with my Sake

Apparently, you do not need more than the following ingredients to making some Saki.
I wonder if they sell Campden tablets in Kuwait! Perhaps regular sulphur dioxide will work instead.

Fusla & Fusla winelab will be opened sometime this week, winetasting or poisioning if you wish will be available for Fuslazoids shortly.


  1. rice
  2. grape concentrate
  3. hot water
  4. corn sugar or honey
  5. yeast energizer
  6. Campden
  7. sherry yeast

Kuwait interrogates mosques Imams

Kuwait interrogates mosques Imamson the question of al-Jihad in
IraqKuwait-Iraq Politics

The Kuwaiti security authorities addressed a memorandum to the attorney general demanding investigation with several mosques Imams under the accusation of " provoking for Jihad " and embracing a " disbelieving thinking." Several months ago, the attorney general in Kuwait investigated Sheikh Hamid al-Alia, the former secretary general of the Kuwaiti al-Salafeyah movement -- one of the groups of the Salafe trend -- on accusations of provocation and training on violence. A matter which al-Ali strongly denied in the investigations.This comes at a time, when the security forces in Kuwaiti intensified its campaign in search of new wanted persons during which it detained four persons involved with groups adopting the thinking of al-Qaida organization.Kuwaiti press sources quoted security sources as saying that " total number of trained and organized persons of such Salafi thinking and of al-Qaida organization philosophy reached 24, noting that those are led by Imams of certain mosques who provoke for Jihad," the sources did not specify any of the names of those Imams.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

S.F. Man Says Beheading Video Is a Hoax

San Francisco Man Says Video That Purportedly Shows Him Being Decapitated Is a Hoax
The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO Aug. 7, 2004 — An aspiring politician and video game designer who faked his own beheading by Iraqi militants set off a short-lived media frenzy Saturday after media around the world began showing his homemade video of the gruesome hoax.
Benjamin Vanderford, 22, said he posted the 55-second clip, which shows a knife sawing against his neck, on an online file-sharing network in May. It circulated in cyberspace before crossing over to major media, airing on Arab television.
"It was part of a stunt, but no one noticed it up until now," Vanderford told The Associated Press after being awoken at his San Francisco apartment early Saturday and informed that much of the world was suddenly under the impression he had been decapitated.
Shrugging and taking a drink from a diet soda, Vanderford said he originally made the video as a way to draw attention to his campaign for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He filmed the footage at a friend's house, using fake blood.
When his political aspirations waned, he decided to distribute the footage on Kazaa, which is used to trade millions of audio, video and software files daily, "to just make a statement on these type of videos and how easily they can be faked."