Sunday, November 26, 2006

Verk, movies and randomania

It has been a while indeed,,,

Been working for 3 weeks straight without 1 day off except a few hrs on a Friday.
10AM-10PM then break from 10PM-12AM and 12AM-3AM….
Every time I decided not to work late, I get tempted by the clarity I get past midnight. Somehow after a long day of meetings and day to day mumbo, everything comes together and my mind is finally ready to spill ideas, quickly answer e-mails and write lengthy memos & reports effortlessly...In most cases, I enjoy it and feel some adrenaline pumping (Strange)

Been out on the boat a few times, again with my laptop and huge latte and enjoying the lovely weather. Isn’t it a blessing? Where else in the world is the weather this time of year so kind?
Hope all of you peeps who love to complain about the weather are out there on your bikes, in your running shoes or simply taking a stroll in what feels like the birth of spring.
I tried to have most of my meetings outdoors, the thing is the person/s I’m meeting end up being too comfy and the 1hr meeting becomes 2hrs, I then have to lie and pretend like I have another meeting and move elsewhere to another café, why aren’t we allowed to be blunt enough to say. “It was really nice meeting with your and now will you excuse me, I have to get back to work, maybe we can have another chat some other time”. Would that count as proper business behavior?
You can inform someone the meeting is over if it’s in the office, but rude if you’re meeting in a café? There is a very thin line between business etiquettes and business pressure I suppose!

I have been meeting interesting people, there is a mentally challenged person who pops everyday and asks me my name and if I’m married or single. The stalker in progress has followed my friend to her car the other day, even though I think he’s harmless.

Still trying to figure out what to do for New Years, Beirut, Goa, Bahrain or Stay Home?

Tempted to cut my hair but instead I darkened it!

Very slowly reading SABIRIYA: Damascus Bitter Sweet by Ulfat Idilbi
(Since it’s a quick read, I wanted to finish it to go back to reading Maaluf but I haven’t gotten into it yet)

Managed to watch a few movies and here is my 2 rupees
Snatch: Yup..I iz a late boomer…I enjoyed it though can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that appealed to me the most, well except for ‘Zi Germans’ Lines. Freckles has downloaded it for me to use as phone ring.
Just Friends: Some parts were funny, the rest was all weird. Why do they try too hard these days? Besides, the Before & After movies are so juvenile! Is it so much to ask for Substance?
BORAT: emmm the most graphic and offensive movie of the year. Funny? Sometimes but most of all revolting. I truly am disappointed in Sacha, how could he allow such a full character like Borat to be on the same level as JackAss or Tom Green. Overkill and over hyped.
Yes, we saw your movie and we hope you Execute too. Chinqui?
CLICK: ra7at 3alaik ya bu Walken! Too bad man and Adam Sandler, go do another one of your pissed off movies with that constipated look of yours instead and let the big boys do their thang..
5Fingers: Mr. Rick James once said ‘What did the 5 fingers say to the face’?
Answer: ‘SLAPPPPPPPP’ which is what the producers deserve for financing this movie.
Black Dahlia. 2 words ‘NICE COSTUMES’

This post made my massage effect ware off, oh well..back to verk!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Khappy Khalloween

Do’s & Don’ts of Halloween:
-Do be original, fangs and togas is like so dark ages!
-Do be original, fangs and togas is dark ages!
-Ladies, you have 364 other days to be sexy. No nurses, Catwomen, no Maids!
-If you’re gonna dress up very controversial like a Suicide bomber or an aborted fetus then please calculate the risks
-Get into character at least 1 week ahead of practice. Explain to your colleagues and staff that you’re on some experimental drugs with bad side effects
-Try to be as offensive as possible, if you’re not black pretend to be. A Taliban woman in a Muslim party is absolutely fabulous or the drunken Texan in an all American partry, even better a Nazi or a KKK member.
-Go all out, if your character requires a certain smell then spray it on, or if you need to bring a side kick such as a Goat or a child.

Last Minute costume ideas:

- Wear a 70s vintage floral dress and throw on an abaya, large Jacki O shades or larger and a big shoulder length wig and you can be Ala Marta Fabulous [See picture]

- The Saddam out-of-the-hatch look is always in. Don’t forget the santa beard and the hangover look.

-Put on a butt crack-revealling low waist pants, skanky highheels, a bling boob exposing party top, a belly ring and an aboriginal lower back tattoo, slicked peroxide blonde hair and huge cheap grade zirconia hoops for the ultimate Dubai Euro Trashstir

- For the latest Clown fish triple decker mo7ajababe look: Wear leggings, 3/4pants and a ruffled skirt and wrap a scarf and a blingy belt, long sleeved blouse and wear a bustier, layer up necklaces and plenty of rings and bangels. Generously apply foundation 3 times lighter than your skin tone, battered wife black eye make up, make fake moles and apply fake eyelashes,
rainbow colored eye shadows, green eye lenses and glitter on tooth. Layer up the matching sequence head scarfs with tassles and separate with elongated sponge to create the Alien head effect. Wrap around exposing darker neck and chandelier earrings. Sprinkle with confetti for added effect.

Mu7ajaBabe (Tune not stolen from Timberlake's sexy back)

I’m wearing a sexy 7jab
Them other girls just wear niqab
Their all like Ninjas wearing a garbage bag
I wear all rainbow colors not just Black
Take em to the mall

You’re in a daze
When you smell the bukhoor
Baby you’re my slave
I mite just take your numba if you behave
It aint easy being a tripple decker babe