Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eye Candy

1st of all... >>> GO HERE >>>>

NOW: They're not only sexy..,,
but they're also oh so smart!

Scarlet Johanson

Olivier Martinez

Natalie Portman

Johnny Depp

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Stars I luv to Hate! [3x3]

Three reasons why I dislike these three actors:

Tom Cruise

1. I can’t take him seriously: looks like he’s about to burst out laughing
2. He’s too tiny & animated
3. Too emotional: jumping on Opera’s couch reminds me of Rick James stomping Charlie Murphy’s couch [Dave Chappelle Show] “I F**ked Yo Couch Nigga”
Keanu Reeves
1. Who on earth is called Keanu? Sounds like a name for a animation heroin!
2. Keanu will always be Ted from Bill & Ted’s not so excellent adventures!
3. He’s more feminine looking than I am!
Denzel Washington
1. His Stock Rolls!: too much of the good guy who saves the day!
2. T.W.S. [Tiger woods syndrome]: The only time he stopped believing he was white was in MALCOM X!
3. Simply Kaifi!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Di Damn Wedda!

What is up with the weather?
سرايات They Say! [Sarrayat: Sara Who? Sara when? Sara WHYYY!?]
Surely we're going into summer and that's change of weather we're experience, all respected and understood. I have no problems with Dust, Humidity, rain, overcast, hail and gust all in one day. My main problem is no1 seems to know. That's simply unacceptable since the Beach & Island season has officially started!
I rememeber when I lived in the U.S. we'd know exactly when it was gonna snow, how long was it gonna snow and how many feet it was.
After failed attempts on counting on accuweather, MOI, Weather underground & Kuwait Airport's website I've come to wonder: Is there such a thing as reliable weather forecast in this country? Why does everything have to be a damn secret? Even the bloody weather is a secret!
Luckily, I've been previllaged last 2 Summers with a secret واسطة [Wasta]in Airport's Civil Aviation Weather station. Well I used to get the real deal, latest reports accurate up to the hour. I remember the guy would tell me when to get off the island and head back to the city and we'd miss the storm if we stick with his forecast. That worked 95% of the time. That guy was good. The problem is if you need to get through to will take you at least 30mins waiting time. Anyways, if you manage to get through all you need is to pop the magic question:

حنكبّر؟ ولا مشحنكبرشي؟
[to Kubbar or not to Kubbar]
Note: Photo by Nasa