Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey Mr. DJ

Dear Mr. Paul Van Dyke,

I have just recently found your latest release The Politics of Dancing Vol2 somewhere in my room and I opened it from its extremly elegant cover and played it on my way to the Chalet. I'm not a fan of your German/Euro Techno however I still invested in your CDs for the sake of 2 or 3 songs that in most cases well worth buying the whole CD. As I was skipping from one track to the next in search for that special song all the way to #15, I realized I had found it after the first 10 seconds. Nothing - Holden & Thompson. The beat was as powerful as the melody, the anime-esque vocals were sensually sensational but the play with the equilizer and the vacuum effect brings it all together so gracefully. Well Done!
Today, I came home from a long day at work with the CD in my hand and quickly plugged it into my laptop, lazing in bed, I watched the screen eagerly to play song #15 and there you were..You popped just like a pop up, admiring your photo I clicked on play CD aaaaaand pops another window asking me to enter my e-mail and password. The surprise began to ware off and now aggitation is taking place. I clicked on 'No &%$( code' and was redirected to your royal houseness's homepage. To cut a long story short, the code was accepted and pop you go again and as I click on the list of songs..#15 and guess what #15 didn't play, infact none of the songs were playing. The CD was useless & will not play on my laptop because most probably one of your clever producers decide to spend your money on a fancy hightech CD that will simply not play...
You know something Mr. Van Dyke, perhaps 7 years ago..I would have had the tolerance to wait and fix the CD glitch, perhaps 7 years ago I wouldn't have the patience to write a letter like this but would delightedly wait until your music has graced my presence. That same me stood a long line that went around 1 block in the freezing winter cold in Manhattan's Twilo. That same me flew to Beirut to attend your BIEL concert which truly sucked in every sense of the word. But we still lingered and mingled with the Sleezy Lebaneesi excuse for ravers in the cheap excuse for a VIP room and jammed to your beats in spite of the empty hall, the lame crowd and the bad sound systems. (Why on earth would you allow the silly promoters idea of having a VIP room in the middle of a bloody RAVE?! Doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of a rave?
So I'm gonna say goodbye to all the #15s on your top selling compilations cos unfortunetly these days are over and I simply don't have the previllage of time and the patience to wait.
Sorry, but I want my money back Mr. Van Dyke..
I'm sure you understand

Mama Fusla

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Autumn Nostalgia

After 2 weeks wasted between the Department of Immigration, Labour and Philipino Embassy. I'm I have been inspired to migrate, change careers and settle for a much simpler life.. Like a bird migrating in Autumn, I wish to spread my wings and fly away... But where to?

I wanna wake up at sunrise in my Ryokan [Traditional Japanese family run Inn] Sipping on Gyokoro or Genmatcha and having my Mungo Pancakes [red bean]..contemplating the beauty of the autumn leaves and making a prayer before I leave to assend Mt. Fuji to make it there by noon....once I'm there I'll go to the temple, meet a monk and sip some more tea in the warmth of the spiritual setting. Take a few photos and begin my descend...
But wait? Why don't I spend the night gazing at the stars....I might just do that!

[Watashi wa mata anata ni aitai to omoimasu]
I hope to see you again

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin: A hunter to be rememered

Steve Irwin 44, AKA "Crocadile hunter" died this morning when a stingray off the Barrier reef stung him in the heart while he was filming "Ocean's Deadliest"
What a freak accident! What are the chances of getting stung my a stingray and for the barb to go from underneath his ribcage and bullseye into the heart! Besides, he's a reptlies guy, what on earth was he thinking when going to the Great Barrier reef? It's a whole different ballgame downunder!

A tribute to the man who made is jump, who made us laugh, brought excitement into our home screens as he got us so close to Planet's most dangerous animals...

Steve we love you
Rest in peace..