Saturday, July 29, 2006

انا الدنيا بعدك ليست تكفينا

The people of Lebanon need each and every one of you. Everyone can help, YOU CAN HELP!
Log onto WAFA [faithlebanon]

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer special/2 Vetos for the price of 1 humanity

Shmunkey Vetos Stem Cell bill

Let me get this straight, if extracting stem cells from discarded embroys is considered murder then what do you call the blood baths in Babyulon, Jerusalem & now Lebanon? ..............................Collateral?
The Bush Adminstrations view on the relativity of human life is a scary and shameful thing!
Shame on anyone who entertains this dangerous notion..

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill As Promised
U.S. Vetoes Ceasefire, Peace in Gaza, LebanonArab League Mourns ‘Peace Process’ as ‘Dead’
Don't Veto, Mr. President

* Angry Kuwaiti hackers descend on Israeli websites <-i7na shako?
Why do we have to suffer for poor internet connection? Its like 2 Israeli Soldiers get kidnapped and a whole country goes to war!
Same bloody thing..

Thursday, July 13, 2006

b7ibak ya libnan

July 14th What a rough day, here is how it went:
Flite to beirut got cancelled, therefore stuck in KUWAIT!
My friend's wedding is cancelled
My friends stuck in and out Beirut, spent hrs trying to get a hold of everyone and make sure they're ok
Cancelled my lunch in Ibqa3 valley...[Funny how I'm subconciously attracted to areas of conflict]
More phone calls and enjoying propaganda on MANARA T.V., trying to find balanced news on Guardian, HaaretzDaily & KTV [didn't get that far]
Enjoying New Kuwaiti government & Parliment progress [as well as regress, funny how some MPS are so eager to start work b4 they've warmed up their butts in their new office chairs [When does Cancoon season begin?]
Chilling on the pool at home with a family friend and trying to find some gallow humor in all of this mess
Wondering why on earth are ppl FWDing rumors when they know they're RUMORS?
Sadended by the death of the two Kuwaitis as well as the civillians
Trying to figure out how long will it take b4 Lebanon will economically recover from this crisis [Who will reinvest now? The regional community has only began reinvesting in Lebanon's economy]
Contemplating investing in Lebanon's real estate market and taking full advantage of this turmoil, feeling guilty about the notion and feeling stupid that I can't afford any investements at this point.
Sympathising with the lebanese people trying to come back home and reunite with their families but can't because of their fear of being arrested upon point of entry in Syria [xlisted due to past civil war complications]
Feeling stuffy about what's going on and reserving my opinion on the situation in lebanon while inclined to make one, it's beyond frustrating. If everyone is benifiting of what's going on: Israel, Hizballah, U.S. and eventually Syria & Iran where does Lebanon fall into this?
Couldn't help but admire Hassan Nasrallah's drive, perhaps Dr. Phill has something to do with it?
Questioning how Syrians will be able to perform their happy dance while trying to regroup for what's coming next.
Dusting off Dejavous of Gulf War II
Dealing with withdrawl symptoms of world cup
Tried to not let this get the best of me but as u can see it already has..
on a final note, b7ibak ya tistahil but shit happens, perhaps this is all for the best..
July 15
Woke up feeling stuffier than the day b4, a brunch & trip to the mall lifted me up for a bit
Didn't go to work, did everything on phone since I'm no mood to recieve clients or deal with staff bull. My mind is still occupied with the potential Pandora's Box [The so called Fight against Axis of Evil.
Coming to terms with the Shock and hating the Awe
Went to the airport to recieve a friend and saw familys greeting their loved one with flowers, national songs and folk youdling, put a smile on my face while I was buying some nice swimsuits
More chillout on the pool with my laptop, finding reasons to get frustrated and getting myself busy worrying about petty things to divert attention from what's really bothering me.
More calls to my friends and making sure they're fine.
Went to the airport to recieve family
Slept like a baby [finally]
July 16
More swimming
Did some grilling [Juicy Burgers with lots of onions and tabasco]
Swam some more
Recieved a funny msg from my lebanese friend who's Mountain wedding was cancelled due to the situation, it said "Brief update, I began my metamorphosis from Scarecrow to bride" Thought to myself..That's the spirit
Followed up on news and realized my assumptions were not just random conspiracy theories. The situation in Lebanon isn't a result of Hizballah's agenda, its a well thought of move that will benifit more than 1 Agenda, Israel finally found a reason to do what's been intending to do for sometime now to reinstate Its presence in the region and power over Mideast security, create more opportunities for bargaining with U.N. and big brother, remap their boarders & finally get rid of the threat posed by occupiers of southern lebanon. Syria the pimp/whimp will have its opportunity to impose themselves as cruicial factor in Lebanon's security, contrary to what the rest of the world wants to believe, specially in the Arab World. Bush Administration's fight against terrorism & Fight against axis of Evil is now a priority hence building a stronger case against North Korea & Iran's contraversial nuclear projects while sustaining the support of the American republicans and avoiding scrutiny of general public whose children are fighting for Iraq's freedom. The U.S. will then be able to protect its Investment's in region without starting a solo war on Iran and being subjected to global scrutiny for waging yet another war in the region. Where does Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Egypt fall into this?
Perhaps I'll dream of another conclusion tonight....

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