Saturday, October 16, 2004


Ramadan issues

  • The art of making هريسه can I ever perfect it?

Now I know why granny had great triceps, 'Harisa' beating has kept her upper
half in shape for years. To beat or to blend? Blending harisa kills the texture and makes it soggy, all the parts of the Harisa will taste the same where as beating it will
maintain the difference in flavor between meat and lentil base.

I tried making a stencil with the shape of a crescent and stars to sprinkle the cinnamon and icing sugar dust ontop but that was a flop. Will try it again, anyways we've always been the Adam's Family in the neighbourhood, must give the ladies something to talk about when they run into each other in their morning shopping sprees in the جمعيه for علك البان

  • قطايف بالجوز

without fat and sugar, how can you be so yummy? How can you be so yummy? What alternative cheeses could I use? for instance, will اشقوان work?

  • Gourmet تمريه

If I added Cashew, will it get soggy?

  • تشريبه

Looks simple but is really hard to retain the flavor, صبار و بصل mix with carrot juice to flavor, but something is still missing. Cinnamon stick? Please don't tell me that evil thing called عداني