Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Movie Time

After a humorous debate with a family friend on what movie to watch tonight, I ended up playing The Notebook based on popular demand [I was shooting for “Friends with money”]
The movie has an animated beginning, I quickly fell in love with the heroin, as for the hero, I wasn’t convinced with his casting at first but again, he grows on you by the scene.
As the story develops, I found myself wanting to stay in the story within the story, eagerly waiting the moments of retrospection of the epic love story.

I noticed a lot of symbolism in the movie like the choice of clothing, colors and hairstyles as well the dynamic use of scenic setting, were depicting the state of turmoil the two were struggling with. [The family friend would argue and accuse me of looking to deep into it, the Irony is that we're both Literature majors]
So as the plot thickens, my interest began to shift on the lives of the aged lovers, how the devoted Noah challenged his beloved’s irreversible dementia disorder in order to hang onto the thinnest threat of the divine unity they shared over 3 decades ago. [Even the choice of the name of the hero Noah, rebuilding his house to get his lady who's the only thing that's left to him after he lost the closest 2 people he knew, His Father & Best Friend, not to mention losing Alie once before]
Those scenes of the aged lovers are very emotionally charged, the acting is heartbreaking and oh so original.
Before the end, I found myself so drawn into the movie, every sense was captured and towards the last minutes I fought the urge to sob and just released a few tears.. [ok maybe a few more]

2 thumbs up without hesitation
This adaptation of the novel was sensational and heart warming….
I should definetly give romances more chances next time..
Do not Waste your time or money on "FRIENDS WITH MONEY"
Slow start, no progression not even a climax! Forget about unwinding of a plot cos there is no one. Yes it is an indie-movie and I appreciate the effort that's put into this however a Good cast/acting never guarantees a good movie and surely not with a loose stagnant story such as this.
Though it is worth mentioning that the director managed to capture the rut in routine wether by highlighting the pathetic life Jennifer Aniston (The Single pothead Maid) or by zooming into the lives of the couples and their different problems that are created in the routine vacuum where nothing really happens, where the serious elements of what makes or breaks a relationship such as communication is overshadowed by the material standards they set for themselves to compensate for what truly lacks in their lives..
Which gets me thinking why I never ever seek any material thing with passion. I'm sure I'm missing on something, I hear my friends saying things like "Finally, I got the PDA I ordered" or "I got myself one of those limited handbags"..at one point I felt materially attached to my Camera but thats about it, and even that has faded with time..I know its a blessing but exactly how much am I missing here?
What is the one thing that you really really want to get your hands on and what's your most valuable posession would be the hardest to give up?
* Think of it as an Eid wishlist!
Asparagus Frittata with Edam and Some funky swiss cheese
4KGSerloin Roast stuffed with garlic & roasted Baby Carrots, shallots & potatoes (To be honest it was rather dry, because I kept on opening and checking on it and the hot air got in and spoilt the 2hr roast) I've never been the roaster more of a BBQer..15KD wasted! yullah fidwa..
Again Garlic/Lemon/Yoghurt Grilled chicken & Wild Rice Risotto with Tomato sauce (Daqqoos)
The Rissotto was boiled in the bonemass of the Roast (Beef STOCK) which gave it the rich flavor and texture that worked well with the wild rice that sometimes comes out dry, not this time!
Again Goat cheese & Pesto Pizza (I made 2 thin and 1 deeppan based on popular demand, the deeppan was hiddious, the dough is made for skinny pizza..though they delightedly ate it all)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cooking by the sea

This past holiday's menu was the following:

Caramelized onion & vegetable Frittata
Shrimp cakes with mango chutney

BBQed Chicken in garlic & yoghurt marinade

Indian vegetable curry

Zesty Lamb skewers with onions & green peppers
spaghetti aux fruits de mer

Grilled Goat Cheese & Caramelized Capsicum sandwichesa

Excellent long weekend, I spent a quality time with the family, Cooked for everyone yet managed to do some watersports..
A much needed break by far better than my last attempt of a getaway..

Monday, August 21, 2006

Energy Boosters much needed

I seem to have lost my energy somewhere along working outdoors, and between latenight working hours and stopping my vitamins or maybe all the routine and useless visits to Immigaration and social affairs & labour departments!
Its really beginning to get to me, how on earth do they claim the existance of an e-government when The Social Affairs & Labour still relies on the general public to transport their files from one floor to another to get a bloody stamp!
The place is infested with messengers that lack the basic human qualities of being able to stand in line and not smoke, ash and put their ciggies out on the floor, undress women with their invading stares and push and shove their bodies into elevators in herds like sheep without the simplest regard for the elderly or the disabled. The place is a dump and a disgrace, even if it was a department for animal affairs, the same would be said!

As a young Kuwaiti trying to make it in the business world, I feel like an alien in these places, unfortunetly visiting these horrendous pits is a part of my job and I personally have to be there to get the ball moving..
I'm surprised how our economy is boombing with these poor practice standards in the public sectors..
I know many people who would jump and say "If you're not apt for it, go work in a Bank" but inspite of these deterring factors I'm happy that I do what I do and these obsticles won't stop me, but I bite my nails everytime someone says something like "I established my Company's branch in Dubai in just 2hrs and its been 3months since I've applied for a branch in Kuwait"
If only we had a serious intention in the so called "ISLA7 Iqtisadi", we will witness an economical leap that will surpass not only the G.C.C. but the middle east as a whole..

Back to my lack of Energy, I have in a plastic bottle, what you see in the image below: a hornet in honey full of enzymes enough to boost a tranquilized elephant, the only thing is that the expiry date is not printed on the bottom, from what I know Honey doesn't spoil, but what about the Hornet! I don't have any intention of tasting the Hornet although my brother has dared me, perhaps I'll take a bite of the leg just for the sake of the dare..or should I consult my GP 1st?
What the heck, I'll have a sip for breakfast, what will happen can't be worse than a whole day wasted in Shu'ooon!

Astaghfor allah wil7imdillah 3ala kil khair o ni3ma

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ليلة وطن Help Lebanon

ندعوكم للمشاركة معنا في هذا الحفل الخيري الذي يحييه الفنان اللبناني شربل روحانا والذي يعود ريعه لجهود إغاثة النازحين في لبنان 13-14 أغسطس شيراتون الكويت تباع التذاكر لدى فيرجن - مرينا مول أو من خلال المجموعة على الأرقام التالية
Fund Raising Concert [Sharbal Al Rohana]For Lebanon Refugees in Sheraton Kuwait
Sun 13th & Mon 14th/August
Charity Sale 5:30PM
Concert 7:30 [Door Closing]
Tickets Sold in Virgin Megastore [Marina Mall] or purchased directly from Wafa Members, CALL 9421333-9256555-9021040