Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Baghdad Bridge Stampede

I have no idea how the death tolls of the Baghdad Bridge Stampede rose from
186-420 in less that 1 minute! This is like the gates to hell have opened and people are trying to rush out crushing and killing each other with the weight of their bare bodies!
Here is the Reuters Article

Regardless of the religio/political reasons behind this stampede, I'm simply devastated at the numbers of ppl dying in Iraq over most of the time worthless reasons. Every time there is a world catastrophe of some sort, we become obsessed to find out if any of our loved ones have been killed or even hurt. How do the people in Baghdad for example wake up and go to work, school or playground knowing that on an at least weekly base a friend, relative, neighbor or playmate will be hurt and even Killed! How does one go on?

Lord! CNN just announced 635...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

D+L (Dine & Lounge): Part III The Seafood Feast Continues

Squid, Caviar & Vodka are the main ingredients for tonight's starters

Inspired by two things: A wonderful dish I always have at Nobu's & Ubon's (London & NY)
and 2ndly by the presentation and dedication of Chef & friend Equalizer on his Gastronomicablog.
The Inspirational Dish's name is: "Toro Tartar with Caviar"
Toro is "Fatty Tuna Belly" also known as "Chutoro".
A small piece of Tuna Stomach sits in a pool of Wasabi & Tartar sauce (minced capers, dill pickles, onions or shallots, olives, lemon juice or vinegar, ginger and seasonings) covered with a spoonful of luscious Beluga Caviar and topped by a berry-like seedy, mild in sweetness fruit. As I recollected the taste this fabulous orgy of mouth-watering ingredients: I sort of came up with my own version.

Chilled Tartar& Vodka soup with a sauteed Baby Calamri stuffed with Beluga Caviar and pinned together with a tooth pick and sprinkled with Parsley.
Chilled Tartar& Vodka soup with a sauteed Baby Calamri stuffed with Beluga Caviar and pinned together with a tooth pick and sprinkled with Parsley.
Finished of with a Haiku..

Monday, August 29, 2005

Things to do when you wake up in the middle of the night!

For the past week or so, I've been getting up right before sunrise and continue to stay up until 6 or so. I think my body now got used to waking up at this time. It really is quite annoying because even if I sleep later, I wake up late and tired as well! Weird things happen to your body when you stop working out! But hang on, I kindda did work out yesterday, I was at the chalet all day Wake&Knee boarding, I even Kayaked! Anyways, I've compiled a list of things to do when you're up before everyone else:

  1. Watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (My facination with this series requires a complete blog entry)
  2. Watch BBCfood, Discovery, Civ, Paramount
  3. Hi5
  4. Blog reading
  5. Munch!

Hang on, as I write this..I am realizing that this series (Curb your enthusiasm) is the reason why I get up in the middle of the night! I am so addicted to that show that I can't get enough of it, even during my sleep I crave it! heh, why waste time sleeping when you can watch Larry David make an ass out of himself? I can overrelate and overidentify with this show! (Is overrelate a word?, oh it is)

My life is like a "Seinfeld" Show, the people I know are just as bizzare and even as static as the stock characters on that show! Somedays I feel like Jerry, overanalyzing, being cynical and anally retentive! Others as funny and bubbly as Elain, many days I'm as Akward as George, as Clumsy as Kramer, as malliscious as Newman!

Now time to bring an end to this random blog entry by listing things I'd rather do when I wake up before everyone:
  1. Read! It's been so difficult to read anything more than 4 pages lately, I can't seem to concetrate or get lost in literature the way I used to. Need bring back the habit again!
  2. Meditate and do Yoga on a mountain or hilltop in spreads of green or snow.
  3. Meditate quitely in the Zen Gardens, temples to the bells gongs of prayer.
  4. Walk on the side of an easy river, sit on a rock and dip my toes in the running water. Look for fishies and trail a floating leaf with my gitty eyes out of site.

Aaaah, life is more beautiful when we cease to be insatiable....

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lunar Lunacy

I Have an Unhealthy obsession with the moon..
Atleast once a day, I gaze in the sky looking for it.
I'm sure one of my past lives I was a moon worshiping Pagan priestess that guarded a moon worshiping temple!
At this point its 93% Illuminated ie. FullMoon!(Curtosey of WearherUnderground)
Whenever its full, I try to figure out the face or the rabbit, sometimes I see other things, the child, the old lady and the flower, in this case 93% neither!

To understand the bases of this obsession, I must first identify how the moon makes me feel, let me list them..
1. Awake
2. Agittated
3. Excited
4. Mischievous
5. Strong
As much as I love the sun and daytime, The Moon draws me in the utmost devine way!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gaza Pullout

6 out of 9 Settlements, according to CNN & Washington post have now been evacuated.
Lets hope this pullout isn't a Media haux or some sort of Israelli propaganda!
From what I see on T.V. and online, thousands of Military personel are pulling out (Unarmed) to the screams, cusses and prayers of the Israelli Settlers. Some even set up fires.
Now on Dubai T.V. a correspondant is saying that these settlements will be secured by both Military and Civil security forces! If that's the case, why pullout in the 1st place?
A Hamas spokesperson considers this a victory!
Will this be the beginning of all pullouts?
I'm very skeptical, it sounds too good to be true!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Random Lyrics of the day..

Nitin Sawhney "Street Guru" (Part 1) lyrics
They've incorporated their culture and their values in the city and they've enriched the cityBoth like, from uh, you know a work ethic. You know the restaurants and the music and it's really a diverse cityI mean you walk through the Vany Oven yu-you know you go through Korean neighborhoods,Old Jewish neighborhoods, Arab big neighborhoods, uh, Pakistani-Indian neighborhoods.It's incredible. The intensity... I think yeah, development has pushed us away from other people.You know, a lot of times people are rude because they want like immediate access or immediate information.You know some things in life can't be immediate, sometimes you gotta wait and let things happenPeople are like increasingly rude. Like I'll say someone will get in a cab, we'll say I'll get em there in 5 minutes.And they'll say, It should only take 3. Now who gives a shit if it takes 5 minutes or 3 minutes, who cares?At the end of your life nobody's gonna put on your tomb stone "shit I got in a cab in fi-seven minutes instead of three".It doesn't matter technology has made us slaves of the time.Naw, a lot of people that are really have technical jobs they're slaves to time.Time's the essences of life it seems like. And they're basically like losing itThey're losing the essence of their life because, you know, their life is like just going away and,Their not enjoying it because their so engrossed in efficiency and productivity and shit like that.It's almost sad. They all come here from somewhere else like seeking their fame and fortune or,Their tap jobs and they're and caree-you know, in their in their industries.They get very engrossed in it and they into these you know these cell phones and computersAnd I think the real important things in life are you know, people and your family.I think you don't realize that, a lot of people don't realize that until they're older.I think there's going to be a backlash against technology.